Hey St. Cloud! Are You Ready For
The Ultimate Kitchen Experience?
It's a burning passion from deep within.

Cooking shows filling up your DVR, magazines scattered across the coffee table, pages turned down with new recipes and gadgets to try.

It's never “just” been about making a meal and it never will be.

It’s a never ending quest to perfect each dining experience until the fruits of your labor are enjoyed by all.
Every fine cook understands the value of combining proper technique with love and care.

Every meal becomes a joyful creation, a true masterpiece.

Your perfect kitchen is a reflection of who you are.

An atmosphere loaded with creativity where all who enter know they will enjoy the finest of meals.
Welcome to an entire new concept in kitchen design.

What is kitchen design?

It's not just exceptional tools and appliances.

It's not just table settings and presentation.
  •  Fine tune everything in your kitchen from cabinetry and style to cutlery and gadgets
  •  Expand your knowledge and skills
  •  Hands on classes with the finest chefs
  •  Try out new kitchen tools before you take them home
  •  Become part of our VIP group of cooking aficionados to receive valuable exclusive offerings
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...Want Even MORE?
We're assembling a panel of cooks that want to step up their game to an entirely new level.

Cooks who are looking for the VIP experience and want to help build the culinary community in St. Cloud.

We're talking about:
  •  Invites to exclusive culinary events
  •  Smaller classes for more 1 on 1 time with the chefs
  •  Get new tools to try out in your own home before we offer them to anyone else
  •  Even keep a few of them!
  •  Share your valued opinion
  •  Show the chefs of iron who built the cast
We'd LOVE to have everybody in the VIP group, but we have to limit membership for the first round.

We're sending out surveys to cooks who want to be part of this extraordinary group.

Sure, we have plenty of our own opinions on the world of cooking, but we want to hear YOURS!

Take five minutes to fill it out and we'll be in contact
with everyone within 72 hours to get to know
you better as we select the members
of the first VIP panel in St. Cloud.
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